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Enjoy being taken to the airport or from airport to your journey’s destination by exclusive vehicles.

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Exclusive Drive is a privileged transfer service that Turkish Airlines offers to its passengers who have Business Class tickets.

Travel with comfort

Don’t compromise your comfort not only in the air but also on the ground. Complete your journey with your personal chauffeur and luxury vehicle.

Arrive at your destination in time

Either before or after your flight, arrive at your destination in time, and make your life easier with Exclusive Drive.

Make use of your time

While you are going to the airport with your personal chauffeur, make use of your time as you like, and enjoy the journey.


Plan your journey

Buy your Business Class ticket.

Book in advance

Book your Exclusive Drive with your PNR number and last name, and before 24 hours to your flight.

Choose your location and vehicle

Choose your location and select the features you would like to have in your vehicle.

Enjoy your journey

Arrive at the airport in time or continue enjoying your journey, while you are on the way to your destination.

Book your flight

Get your Business Class ticket.

Make your reservation

Make an Exclusive Drive reservation 24 hours before your flight departure with your PNR number and surname.

Choose your destination and vehicle

Tell us your location details and vehicle preferences.

Enjoy the ride

Be at the airport on time or wherever you need to be after you've landed.


You can benefit from our Exclusive Drive service at a total of 11 direct flight points in the USA and in Canada, and go on to explore the city.







Los Angeles


New York City

San Francisco

Washington DC





Class of Flight Distance
Business Class* Free of charge up to 35 miles
Economy Class Subject to fees
35 mil

* The service is free of charge for our passengers who are travelling between our direct flight points in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Cairo, Bombay, Delhi, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dacca, Nairobi, Riyadh, Dammam, Amman, Jeddah and Bahrain, and in the USA and in Canada. Our other Business Class passengers can benefit from the service, but they are subject to fees. For detailed information: Terms & Conditions


Can I benefit from this service only with my Business Class ticket?

Yes, our Exclusive Drive service is free of charge for only our passengers who are traveling at Business Class*. *Our passengers who are upgraded from Economy Class and who bought their Business Class ticket with a prize ticket are outside the service’s scope.

Can I benefit from this service after my flight from Paris to San Francisco?

Only our passengers who are travelling between our direct flight points in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Cairo, Bombay, Delhi, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dacca, Nairobi, Riyadh, Dammam, Amman, Jeddah and Bahrain, and in the USA and in Canada can benefit from this service.

My destination exceeds 35 miles; will I pay extra fees?

Yes, you have to pay extra fees for the distances that exceed 35 miles. Turkish Airlines, Inc. undertakes to offer free service up to 35 miles. The fee for the rest of the distance is charged to the user.

Can I benefit from this service in Istanbul?

Unfortunately, we do not provide this service in Istanbul.

Can I choose the model of the vehicle I will travel?

No, the model of the vehicle varies by the day and the hour of the booking. All our vehicles comprise of top class models.

Can I manage my booking?

Yes, you can manage all your booking details. You can change or cancel your bookings on


Passengers eligible for Exclusive Drive 
  • Passengers holding a Business Class ticket. 
  • Passengers traveling on flights operated by Turkish Airlines, even if tickets have been issued by another airline, can take advantage of Exclusive Drive. 
  • Exclusive Drive is available to passengers with short stopovers in Istanbul. 
  • Turkish Airlines provides stylish vehicle and conscientious chauffeur for all Business Class Passengers traveling from Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Cairo, Mumbai, Delhi, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Dacca, Nairobi, Riyadh, Dammam, Amman, Jeddah, Bahrain to Turkish Airlines’ US and Canada gateways or vice versa. The complimentary drive is only provided in US and Canada gateway cities.
  • Tickets must have been purchased at least 24 hours before flight departure to be eligible for Exclusive Drive. 
  • The service is available only if the booking is ticketed.
  • Round trip Business Class ticket holders can take the advantage of Exclusive Drive service both ways airport-city and city-airport travel in US and Canada gateway cities. One-way inbound Business Class ticket holders can use Exclusive Drive service on city-airport direction, one-way outbound Business Class ticket holders can use Exclusive Drive service on airport-city direction.
  • Exclusive Drive program is valid for the eligible business class tickets with departure date prior to 05.24.2019. All Business fare classes (C,D,K,J,Z,I) are eligible for Exclusive Drive service.
Passengers not eligible for Exclusive Drive 
  • Passengers on waiting lists, those in transit, or those purchasing tickets just before takeoff. 
  • Unaccompanied minors. 
  • Passengers between 2 and 12 years old. 
  • Cannot be used with award tickets or Economy Class tickets that have been upgraded to Business Class free of charge. 
  • Those with tickets for partner flights not operated by Turkish Airlines. 
  • Those whose reservations were made within 24 hours of flight departure or passengers who have not completed their reservation before arriving at the airport. 
  • If a passenger fails to cancel an Exclusive Drive reservation and the chauffeur arrives at the destination at the given time, this is logged as a "no show". This service will not be available later for the same ticket. 
  • Exclusive Drive service is not available on complimentary tickets or complimentary upgrades from Economy Class to Business Class.
Additional conditions
  • By signing these terms and conditions, passengers confirm that their details may be shared with the service provider. 
  • Please contact your nearest sales office if you experience any issues with the Exclusive Drive service. 
  • The service provider will inform you of the pick-up time after a reservation has been confirmed. The service provider will arrange the pick-up time, considering the distance between your location and the airport and the time required for you to check in on time. The service provider will contact you within 24 hours of the pick-up time to confirm that the reservation is still required. 
  • Passengers must adhere to the pick-up time provided. Pick-up times are not flexible and cannot be changed. For post-flight travel, the chauffeur will wait up to one hour after the passenger's scheduled flight arrival time. For pre-flight travel to the airport, the chauffeur will wait at the pick-up location for up to 15 minutes. If these waiting times are exceeded, the chauffeur will notify the passenger that they must leave to move on to their next pick up. 
  • The chauffeur will wait on the street outside your building or residence at the given pick-up time. Signs identifying the Exclusive Drive vehicle will be clearly visible on the vehicle. 
  • The chauffeur will drop you off as close as possible to the airport’s check-in area. The passenger is responsible for carrying their luggage to the check-in area. 
  • If a passenger fails to cancel his or her Exclusive Drive booking and the private car arrives at the appointed time and place only to be sent away, the Exclusive Drive service cannot be rebooked in conjunction with the same ticket.
  • Exclusive Drive is offered over specific distances in the cities in which it operates. If the requested service exceeds the specified kilometer limit for a particular city, passengers are liable to pay for any additional distance. Prices for additional distances are set on a regional basis. Any payment for additional distance should be made directly to the chauffeur. 
  • Passengers eligible to use Exclusive Drive may request that a companion passenger be taken to an address en route while traveling to the eligible passenger's final destination. The service provider may agree to this at their own discretion and may charge an additional fee. 
  • It is the responsibility of passengers to inform the service provider of any changes in travel plans, including any changes to flight departure or arrival times that occur. 
  • Any special requests must be made directly to the service provider at least 24 hours in advance. Additional fees may be charged. 
  • Unless otherwise arranged, passengers may carry one large piece of baggage and one piece of carry-on baggage. Only soft bags that can fit under the seat in front may be taken into the vehicle. Passengers must contact the service provider directly at least 24 hours in advance to request a larger vehicle. Additional fees may be charged. 
  • This vehicle service is provided by third-party companies. Turkish Airlines is not responsible for any possible negligence, behavior, or service quality of the service provider. Turkish Airlines is not liable for any loss, injury, or death if it occurs while using the service.
  • When the eligible Business Class tickets are booked, an informational email about the service is sent to the email address listed on the reservation. Agencies should check their email addresses if they shared their own email address on the reservation.
  • Passengers should visit for the eligibility and scheduling a ride. It is possible to make a reservation with eligible PNR and Surname information. Agencies should make the reservation if they shared their own email address on the reservation or they should inform the passenger about this complimentary service.
  • Once you enter PNR and Surname information you can arrange the pickup or drop-off location, preferred date and the time of the Exclusive Drive service.
  • All Business Class passengers are qualified for a complimentary ride up to 35 miles. Passengers are responsible to pay for additional fees occurring as a result of the exceeding miles after 35 miles are reached.